Data archive of experimental data from studies performed during the PhD

This data archive of experiments studying (1) the influence of locomotion techniques on users movements in VR and (2) the influence of motion cues on the perception of rotation gains in VR.

For each experiment, all data used in our publications are available. They mostly consist in real and virtual trajectories, body segments orientations, gaze data and subjective data (demographics, SSQ, questionnaires…). The experiments were performed under laboratory conditions to focus on the influence of a single variable. Please refer to the readme files included in each dataset for further information.

You are very welcome to use our data for further research, as long as you name the source of the data. If you have further questions feel free to contact me (

The experiments are listed in chronological order from new to old.

Studying the Influence of Translational and Rotational Motion on the Perception of Rotation Gains in Virtual Environments

Influence of Dynamic Field of View Restrictions on Rotation Gain Perception in Virtual Environments

Does the Control Law Matter? Characterization and Evaluation of Control Laws for Virtual Steering Navigation

Study of Gaze and Body Segments Temporal Reorientation Behaviour in VR